CM Pohřební služba





This was a great challenge! Before designing the website, we went through the first 30 funeral service pages on Google and found that creating a fresh website for the funeral industry was not going to be easy. Funeral services often use funeral colors, black and white photos, and multiple font combinations. Plus, they often suffer from non-responsiveness, making them hard to display on mobile devices.

The funeral service websites look like something out of a horror movie - they are full of crosses that evoke sadness and death. However, we believed that funerals could be presented in a more modern way, without the visual being weighed down by the chilling and oppressive presence of death.

First, we designed a simple typographic logo for the CM funeral service in Brno. The main goal of the logo and website redesign was to keep the original colors, but at the same time bring a more modern and attractive design that would better express the values and services that CM Funeral Service offers.

The result is a modern and professional website that brings a new level of presentation for the funeral service in Brno. We are happy that we could contribute to making the funeral industry more modern and friendly.

Other work